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Overseas Chinese always want their children to master the local language in order to be accepted by the community without being discriminated. As the kids grow up they find that they forget their own ancestry and do not regard themselves as Chinese. They do not have the basic skill to communicate in the Chinese language. They are not interested in China and anything related to Chinese. It appears very often that they are closer to their western friends than their own parents, therefore, some Chinese organizations get together to form a Chinese school in hope that their next generation can study Chinese and be able to speak the Chinese language. They also hope that the Chinese school will be used as a common social place for Chinese children to meet each other. This is the most important aspect of the Association.

Our second purpose was to found a Chinese school to provide Chinese education and to preserve our good traditions from generation to generation. In February 1984, one year after the establishment of the Association, the Chinese School of the Kut O fellow villagers in Europe was opened. Fellow villagers were all happy sending their kids to this Sunday Chinese school. We will maintain an open door policy and open the Chinese school even to Westerners who are interested in Chinese culture.

In the first year, the school leased four classrooms at the St. John Fisher School for its 90 students. In September 1985, the school moved into its own premises. Due to the growing numbers of children that wanted to come to our school, we applied for permission to extend our club premises at the rear to build further classrooms in 1988 with our own resources. The school building was completed and opened by The Ambassador Extra-Ordinary and Plenipotentiary of China H.E. Mr. Ji Chao-Zhu.

The aim of the Chinese school is to educate the next generation to recognize the Chinese culture and language. That is why so many people support this school. The donation comes from Chinese people everywhere, including Hong Kong and Australia. When the school started it was free for every student, until the year 1992 we started to receive school fee.

As of today the school has 6 classes, 130 students and 6 teachers. The school opens on Sundays from 1pm to 3:30pm. In the beginning, textbooks were provided by the Liaison Office to the Hong Kong Government in UK before Hong Kongís handover in 1997. Textbooks are now provided by the Chinese School Association of the UK. Starting from 2003, we changed the textbooks to simplified characters. They are provided by the Jinan University, Guangzhou and are specially published for the overseas Chinese students. However, there are not enough teachers to teach Mandarin, we still use Cantonese in our lessons. With our twenty years hard work, we have many graduated students. They also take part in the GCSE Open Examinations and have achieved outstanding results. For example, eight students joined GCSE this year (2003) and the results we received were 5A*s & 3As. Chinese School has enhanced the well-being of our next generations by increasing their job capabilities. Through teaching Chinese, the Chinese School makes the entire Chinese community well-united.

The success of the Chinese School is due to the support and enthusiasm of the Associationís committee members. We are also grateful to the people who generously donate to the school fund. This fund enables the school to operate smoothly and normally. We also wish to thank the teaching faculty and the entire staff of the school for their outstanding contributions.

The school is always in need of continued funding and support in order to continue its excellent work.

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