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Time just flies when you see that our Kut O Chinese Association has been operating for twenty years. Thinking back to when we first arrived in England, we had no friends and no leisure. Everyday we would be working and if not, we would be looking after our families at home – there were a lot of things that we were missing in our lives.

Ever since our Association has been set up, everyone could go there to meet-up, and to join in with their events and celebrations. With every festive celebration, the women would make their homeland delicacies: mai tung(rice cake bars), cha gor(Chinese cakes),coconut pudding etc. to take to the association for everyone to try. Just like one big family, we join together very happily.

As soon as we had any free time, we immediately think of going to the Association for a bit of a chit-chat and to meet-up with some friends.

Some of us are fairly limited with our English and when we receive any letters in English we just don’t have a clue what they say. At this time we all think of George from our Association. He always spends good time and has a lot of patience, and he is ever willing to help people with problems, help them make telephone calls, write letters, even accompanying people to see their doctor acting as an interpreter.

In the past twenty years, the Association has organised many big and small events. Our Women’s Group has been very supportive, and we all work together as a whole to help the Association. In the year 2000, the Association officially set up its own Women’s Group, and the committee was elected. Work immediately started for them, and they had success in holding English classes, Computer classes, Ballroom Dancing lessons, Basic Knowledge of Health classes, Chinese Opera classes, Golf lessons and Women’s Self-defence classes. Therefore, this gave things for the women to do in their spare time.

In 2001, we went as a group to visit Portsmouth’s Chinese Women’s Group and we also went to the celebration of International Women’s Day for all the Chinese in Europe. In order to celebrate for our Tin Hau Goddess’ birthday, our Women’s Group selected seven members to perform the dance of “Fairies wishing a Happy Birthday”. Much hard work was put into it with the choreography and many practise sessions. Although it was hard work, it was well worth it at the end of the day, with such a great performance performed on our Goddess’ birthday. At present, we are training up the next generation by forming a Children’s Dance Group. Hopefully, this will lead to many more great performances in the future performed by them.

The last two years we have seen the Women’s Group leaded by Mrs. Wai Ying Lau raise money for good causes. With the aid of the Association and our families, we now have the “Kut O Primary School Development Programme”, which is designed for building primary schools for children in mainland China. At the moment, we have raised enough money for a school to be built in Gui Zhou Province, and it is planned for it to be opened and ready for use in March 2004.

In the three years of the official establishment of the Women’s Group, our results can be seen by everyone. In the prospect of the twentieth anniversary of the Kut O Chinese Association, we sincerely hope that everyone continues the hard work, so that the Association is run well and that we serve the community.

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